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Tourism is big business, and going on holiday should not be taken lightly.

Maybe you can’t decide where to spend your hard earned time off this year? Perhaps one of our guides can give you an idea or two. We have suggestions from the best beach destinations, to the most unusual, and less touristy, city breaks.

City breaks are becoming popular for many reasons; they are the ideal quick getaway for those who do not have a long time off from work. It is a way to get a little taste of another culture and lifestyle, before embarking on a more extended holiday to the area. Cities are packed full of sights, historic buildings, and great things to do, so you will never get bored.

Are you looking for something farther afield? Asia is popular for holidaymakers, and countries such as Hong Kong and Japan are getting to be just as well-known as Thailand, which has always been a favourite backpackers destination.

If you prefer beach holidays, then Tahiti and the Maldives might be the better options for you. The touch of paradise you will experience here is second to none. Or maybe you want both a city and a beach? Rio de Janeiro is the best of both worlds. With stunning beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema, and the bustling city of Rio right there, you will get the exciting nightlife, with the relaxing beach days you crave for.

Wherever you decide to visit, you are sure to love it!