Adventure Sports in China

China is one of the last places that comes to mind when you think of extreme sports activities to do when you search for fun and exciting places to visit on your next holiday. However, we firmly believe that this will change once you realize what China has to offer in terms of extreme sports thanks to our list of adventure activities that you can participate in during your vacation. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the extreme sports that are currently available in China.

Qinglong Gorge – Bungee Jumping

Walking on the Great Wall of China is a fantastic idea when you visit this phenomenal country. However, the only thing that can easily top that experience is jumping off a bridge with the Great Wall of China in the background. Bungee jumping in China is one of several activities that you can try to get your heart pumping at a much faster rate than average. Take a train trip from the Beijing North Railway Station to eventually end up at the Qinglong Gorge where you can either enjoy bungee jumping, rock climbing, or zip-lining.

Lion City – Qiandao Lake

If you are interested in discovering an ancient city that is completely submerged by water, you should consider taking a few scuba diving lessons before embarking on a trip to China as you’ll need the experience when you visit Qiandao Lake situated in Zhejiang. Located below the waters of the lake is the magnificent Lion City. The city is submerged in water due to the lake being created back in 1959 when the government of China flooded the base to develop a hydroelectric station. This forced more than 300,000 people to relocate while submerging a beautiful city underwater.

Mountain Biking – Yunnan

Yunnan is a gorgeous region of China where you can enjoy beautiful sceneries with loads of hiking opportunities that will give you the chance to hike through agriculture and villages as you’ve never seen before. If you are interested in walking for an extended period, we highly recommend that you sign up for the two-week bike tour that will take you through several astonishing destinations that will surely provide an unforgettable experience.

Hiking – Mount Huashan

If you consider yourself to be an experienced hiker and want to add an element of danger and fear, we highly suggest that you attempt a hike session at Mount Huashan. You will need some steady arms and legs along with plenty of guts if you are interested in this activity. Be warned; it’s not for the faint-hearted. You will permanently be hanging from the side of a mountain with plenty of drops and dramatic cliffs. It has managed to take several lives over the years, and once you do some research, you will understand why. It’s a beautiful place where people get inspired to write poems and paint amazing paintings, but it’s a place where you’ll need to test your fears most of all.