American Professional Sports Face Difficult Decision

Professional sports in North America are expected to resume this July. Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, the National Football League, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and the National Hockey League have all announced that COVID-19 Tests have come back positive amongst a selection of their athletes. This follows after the five sporting outfits have maintained training in the state of Florida, which over the last several days has seen continued rises in COVID-19 infections & deaths.

Announcing that players in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and MLS have contracted the coronavirus places significant pressure onto organizers. It’ll be expected by Health Experts, Government Personnel, Players, and Select Fans that operations restart their postponement periods. It’s unlikely that criticism will be heard by any faction, with these leagues more focused on returning to standard profits after facing significant losses for a prolonged timeframe.

Those following COVID-19 News Updates known that Doctor Anthony Fauci, the Head Medical Advisor for the Centre of Disease Control & Donald Trump, know that doubt is continuously being cast on the prospect of professional sports resuming. Anthony Fauci reported that outbreaks would be inevitable amongst these teams, with athletes & personnel lying about their social distancing efforts outside of planned training or matches.

Major League Soccer & the National Basketball Association confirmed that they’ve diligently watched the continued infections through Florida. MLS Organizers have a short timeframe to decide what’s best for team personnel, footballers, and coaching staff. The “MLS is Back Tournament” is slated to begin on July 8th. If infections aren’t lowered before Junes end & footballers continue to contract COVID-19, Major League Soccer won’t have any other choice but to postpone their operations for the 2nd time.

Warnings Issued

Sports associations & leagues were informed by Doctor Anthony Fauci, with hundreds of other medical experts, that restarting operations would cause outbreaks. It’d inevitably force them to terminate seasonal matches again while causing for athletes that would’ve remained in their social distancing bubble to contract the virus. It should be mentioned that one sporting association listened to Anthony Fauci & already prepared for the second wave with financial backings for secured locations. This association is the UFC, which is owned & managed by Dana White. He confirmed that Florida operations would be postponed upon the 2nd wave.