Architecturally Inspiring Stadiums Around the World

Massive interest in sports, millions of fans around the world and the big spendable funds provided by different sports events, contributes big building budgets. The list of most inspiring sports arenas or stadiums around the globe is ordered according to design, features and usability. The largest sports stadium worldwide is the Strahov Sports Stadium, which offers a 220,000 spectators-capacity.

Ukraine is Home to the Donbass Arena, situated in Donetsk

Construction started in mid-2006 on the Donbass Arena built to welcome 52,667 fans, the official opening was near the end of 2009. The opening ceremony was one of the most memorable experiences and included a performance by Beyoncé. This event was later announced as the Event of the Year and awarded at the Stadium Business Awards held in Dublin in 2010. Several major matches were hosted at the Donbass Arena that was built at a cost of $416.5 million. These include the UEFA European Championship in 2012 as well as the semi-final between Spain and Portugal. Currently, the Donbass Arena is home to the FC Shakhtar Donetsk soccer team. The sports arena designers are Arup a global company and it features glazed facades as well as a very distinctive roof, by night the illuminated arena offers a feel of extra-terrestrial air.

Texas’ AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas is where the AT&T Stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, it stands amongst other worldwide stadiums due to its dome being the largest structure of its kind globally. It officially opened in 2009 and offers a seating capacity of 80,000 or a total capacity of 105,000. The constructional costs of the AT&T Stadium came to $1.3 billion, which provided it with a place on the list of most expensive sports stadiums ever built. Arlington residents agreed to a tax increase in order to assist in the building costs, while the City of Arlington added over $325 million to the fund. The AT&T Stadium is the fourth largest in the world and features high-definition video displays and due to its size, it’s been hit during football games, twice by punts. Designed by HKS, global architects the AT&T Stadium is nothing short of spectacular.

The Shanghai Stadium Located in China

Shanghai Stadium was constructed as the main venue for the 1997 National Games, although the stadium has since hosted many other major events. These include the Special Summer Olympic Games in 2007 as well as the Summer Soccer Olympic Games in 2008. Used for the opening ceremony of the 2007 Special Olympics, the Shanghai Stadium was designed by the Institute of Architectural Research & Design and has a capacity of 80,000. Special features include its moulded fibreglass membrane as well as saddle-shaped roof and its asymmetric design has won several awards including the 1999 Top Ten Classical Architecture Gold award.

Wroclaw, Poland’s Municipal Stadium

Third-largest of its kind, the Municipal Sports Stadium in Poland, Wroclaw offer a 42,711-seating capacity and opened in 2011. At a cost of $240 million, it was constructed to host the UEFA European Championship in 2012 and since it has hosted many major sports events.