Azerbaijan Grand Prix Victory Obtained by George Russel

The Formula One Virtual Grand Prix Series is nearly over, with the official 2020 F1 Season slated to arrive in July. Until the launch date in Austria comes for supporters, these virtual venues are still being permitted. George Russel took the latest victory in the F1 Virtual Grand Prix Series, marking his 3rd back-to-back victory for Williams. It shows the formidable skillsets behind this Formula 2 Champion, who was forced to the lowest grade team in Formula One after Toto Wolff didn’t provide him seating with Mercedes AMG-Petronas.

Wolff has continuously clarified that George Russel will obtain his opportunity with a higher-grade team, rather than be Mercedes or Aston Martin in 2021. Maintaining an influx of victories within the Virtual Grand Prix Series, which mimics real-life conditions with simulators, will prompt Toto Wolff to consider Russel at greater lengths, especially when considering that drivers like Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas have struggled in the virtual setting.

George Russel obtained his first Virtual Grand Prix Victory at Spain, taking his podium finish after battling Charles Leclerc for the full-length of this venue. Nobody expected the Williams F1 driver to obtain a 2nd podium victory at the Monaco Virtual Grand Prix, with Charles still expected to become victorious. Mindsets have now changed & Russel has become the fan favourite after obtained his 3rd back-to-back victory at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. He’ll be expected to win the final Virtual Grand Prix, with Charles Leclerc hoping to return to a podium victory or finish after obtaining 14th at Azerbaijan.

The Story of Azerbaijan Virtual GP

This Williams F1 Driver wasn’t permitted a clear victory, with challenges awaiting George Russel at the Azerbaijan virtual setting. Alex Albon from Red Bull Racing proved a formidable force against Russel, battling him during qualifying & the Grand Prix for podium victory. Alex Albon wouldn’t have the skillsets required on May 7th to maintain a first-place at Azerbaijan. It mainly came down to the selection of tyres, with Albon choosing the Hard Tyre. George Russel managed the Medium Tyres after running softs for 10+ laps. The difference in speed was evident & enabled the Williams F1 driver to maintain a two-second gap over Albon.