Best Cities to Visit if You Love Sports in the USA

The month of May is without a doubt the best time for any sports fan. The NHL and NBA playoffs take place, while the MLB season is in full swing. Beers are cracked, jerseys become drenched with sweat, and friendships fall apart due to hidden loyalties. Every city comes equipped with diehard fans of sports, but we decided to take a hard look to discover the best cities when it comes to sports. We included cities that feature all major sporting events, including NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB, and included stadium attendance along with costs.

Dallas, Texas

Fans of the Cowboys have witnessed football at its worst and at its best, but they still manage to fill an entire stadium each and every time. The Stars, Rangers, and Mavericks have their fair share of sold out matches as well, with every team filling more than 78% of the stadium capacity on average. Even though ticket prices are quite steep, there are loads of Dallas sports bars where you can catch the game with a beer.

Chicago, Illinois

Every Bulls fan in Chicago is patiently waiting for Rose to fly like Jordan once did. The state has a quarter of the population when compared to New York, but has the same number of bars. The rich sports culture in Chicago is obvious – Blackhawks, Bulls, and Bears all produce sold out home matches through the season.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is regarded as the Hockey town and for very good reason too. The Red Wings manage to sell out each and every game while playing in Detroit. Those that are fans of baseball will also be in luck in Detroit as the Tigers’ matches average more than 80% attendance while tickets are reasonably cheap when compared to other states which make attendance quite affordable.

New York, New York

From the island to the Garden, New York fans refuse to forget their beloved teams. Even though the Five Boroughs are not united with their allegiance, there’s no one that has the ability to match their passion. The most sports bars are featured in New York where the Rangers, Giants, and Knicks average nearly 100% attendance and don’t forget that the Yankees are considered the king of baseball for more than a century.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco’s golden era of sports hasn’t gone unnoticed by diehard sports fans. Sports are definitely staying in the state as the Sharks, Giants, and 49ers regularly remain contenders in the championship. San Francisco nearly averages 100% attendance at matches for each and every major sport they offer. Even though you won’t find a plethora of sports bars, you can easily attend the games as they are very affordable.

Phoenix, Arizona

The fans in Phoenix always embraces the heat to showcase their support for the games. The Diamondbacks’ home, known as Chase Field, features a pool for sports fans to cool off, while the park impresses with low ticket and low beer prices.