Best Place to Visit in 2018 If You Want to Enjoy A Winter Paradise

It honestly doesn’t matter what time of the year you plan to visit the magical place called Italy. Yet, if it is its distinctive charm of winter you want to experience you can plan to spend many evenings in cosy wine bars after adventurous days enjoying the exciting ski runs on the snow-capped mountains. You get to embrace the winter season with new passion should your plan be to visit Italy this December. visiting Italy also includes a long list of Italian attractions such as shopping with flair as well as enjoying the most magnificent scenes.

December in Italy – Weather Wise

The coldest month of the year in Italy, is in December, it is also a bit damp due to rain and it while it is cold, the crowds are less, and it allows you to explore to your heart’s desire. The other great benefit is that hotel accommodation is discounted, and that makes the cost of travel even more affordable.

Choosing the Best Places for December Travels


If you are lucky enough to travel to the capital city Palermo, you are starting right at the heart of Sicily. It is one of the most incredible places to visit during the festive holidays. In December the city offers you the most wonderful experience plus you have lots of Christmas markets to visit. For a breath-taking beach or medieval experience, you need to make sure you visit Cefalu, this picturesque town on the coast guarantees that you will enjoy a bit of winter sun.

PS: Don’t miss out on Termini Imerese from Palermo, it is a 30-minute ride, and you get to watch the best Christmas nativity play in the world, held on the street and afterwards you get to shop.

Sicilian Christmas Traditions

The celebrations of Christmas start from around the 8th of December in Sicily, and families start decoration their homes and Christmas trees are as common now as it was during the second world war. On the evening of the 24th of December and never stops for 24 hours, which is the main reason why the food preparations also start as early as the 8th. As expected, the land of cannoli and cassata offers the best Christmas meal as well as desserts and sweets.

The most traditional treats around the festivities are large round biscuits filled with dried fruits, pistachios and almonds. After the dinner on Christmas eve, the long wait is finally over as this is when the presents get opened and massive family gatherings are common in Sicily, and after the hand out of gifts everyone catches up on the latest news and just enjoying time spent with the family. Then it is barely a week to the next big dinner when the arrival of the New Year is celebrated. This is also the time when traditional lasagne is served as it is believed to bring good luck!