Best Places to Visit in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is considered an extremely small island situated in the South Pacific, northwest of Tahiti. It’s difficult to imagine any destination on Earth that’s as beautiful as this famous holiday destination. The small and lush green island is covered by sparkling white sand and tiny islets along with a blue lagoon that’s surrounded by a magnificent barrier reef.

In the centre, if the island is a volcano that’s extinct with Mount Otemanu, it’s one peak, stretching 2,385 feet into the sky. Bora Bora is undoubtably everyone’s dream vacation, especially for honeymooners who wish to celebrate their new life together as well as artists who love nothing more than to portray its sensational shades of green and blue. The holiday destination provides loads of thatched cottages over the water, and there are plenty of incredible things to do while visiting Bora Bora.

Matira Beach

This is regarded as one of the most beautiful and glorious beaches across the globe. The mile-long stretch of magnificent white sand is situated in the southern tip of the island and is decorated by palm trees along with lush green hills. Marita is also the only public beach located on the island that is definitely worth a visit. What makes it even more appealing is that you can visit the beach free of charge.

Mount Otemanu

Visitors can view Mount Otemanu from anywhere on Bora Bora. The rugged black slopes are captivating in contrast to the jungle that surrounds it and the crystal-clear lagoon below. While the entire Bora Bora is essentially the result of an old volcano that is luckily extinct. Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu are the most evident leftovers. Visitors have the opportunity to hike on the base with the help of a local guide. Unfortunately, the summit is impossible to reach but the overall experience is one that cannot be avoided.

Tahiti – Pearl Market

Pearls in Tahiti are considered the most desired and the most beautiful in the world and the Pearl market in Tahiti is basically a family business that sells and cultivates the pearls that are locally harvested. Various locations on the island produce a wide variety of quality, sizes, and colours. The pearl market manages to employ a great deal of native people, including the divers that need to collect pearls from oysters from around 20 feet under the water.

Aqua Safari

Bora Bora is renowned for its amazing water sports, and the most popular of them is undoubtably scuba diving. However, even if you don’t have a certificate to scuba dive and you don’t want to invest the necessary time to learn how to scuba dive, you can still enjoy the unreal beauty of Bora Bora underwater thanks to Aqua Safari. Visitors will have the opportunity to walk 3 meters underwater on the sandy bottom where the water is surrounded by seagrasses, colourful fish, and a plethora of underwater animals and plants. The best part about it is that both adults and kids can enjoy this activity.