Best Places to Visit in Europe for Sports Lovers

Whether you considered yourself a sports enthusiast, or you merely interested in a single sporting event, you’ll find a vast selection of sporting events across Europe to keep you satisfied. Travelling to Europe to watch or participate in your favourite sports events won’t break the bank either.

There are tons of cheap flights to several European countries, making it easy to partake or watch your favourite sporting events as opposed to merely watching it at home. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the best sporting events in Europe that should definitely be on your bucket list.

France: Tour De France

Each summer, professional cyclists from across the globe compete in a fatiguing, multi-stage race across the country of France. There’s no doubt that the month of July is the most ideal time to visit France, both for joining the crowd of spectators and weather-wise, to provide a truly unforgettable experience in the towns and villages along the route. Each year, sporting fans from across the globe admire the incredible physical endurance of each rider who cover approximately 3,500 kilometres across 21 days. Watching the race is free, but we highly recommend that you book accommodation beforehand to get the best view. Camping is another affordable option you can look at during Tour De France.

Leverkusen: Watch Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Football fanatics will be pleased to know that Bayer 04 Leverkusen is the cheapest football team to watch in the Bundesliga when you take the cost of drinks, food, travel, tickets, and accommodation into consideration. The average ticket will set you back £17, while tickets for a football club like Arsenal will set you back £50. The club is currently 9th on the Bundesliga table which means you’ll still see quite a lot of football action when you watch this team live.

London: Watch the University Boat Race

Since 1829, two of the most prestigious universities across the globe, Cambridge and Oxford, compete in the University Boat Race that starts in Putney and ends in Mortlake. Although the route is not on the tourist track, it doesn’t stop spectators from flocking to the banks to cheer for a team. The event usually takes place around March/April and allows spectators to enjoy a few cold ones next to the banks as there are plenty of riverside pubs along the way.

Liverpool: Watch the Grand National

The Grand National is undoubtably one of the most popular horse races across the globe. Jockeys essentially compete to stay in the saddle for as long as possible to win the race while jumping over iconic obstacles along the way. What sets this event apart from the rest is the quality of participants and the quality of the course. At the Grand National, you will discover the best trainers and jockeys in the world and the price tag to enter this prestigious event is only £20. However, please note that the drinks will set you back quite a bit during the event.