British Tourists Return from France

France saw an influx of tourism from the United Kingdom after Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared their allied-nation permissible for vacations. Thousands of Britain tourists packed notable locations throughout France, boosting their hospitality industry, and assisting with employment for August 2020. Alterations in Boris Johnson’s mindset towards vacations in France unfolded earlier this year, with the Prime Minister announcing that those unable to return home before August 15th will be forced into a mandatory 14-Day Quarantine period. This announcement saw thousands of British tourists purchase flights, train tickets, and ferry packages.

This decision meant that thousands of British Travellers were forced to cancelling their vacations shortly, having paid for prolonged stays with Resorts & Hotels located across France. This announcement though troublesome for British tourists wasn’t challenging to over. France is located across the English Channel & easy to traverse with modern-day ferries. Flights themselves are considerably faster, allowing hundreds of British tourists to return home the same day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announcement.

Great Britain’s Parliament was forced into deciding to eliminate France from their “Exempt Travelling List”. An influx of COVID-19 infections amongst French civilians prompted the immediate decision. This sharp rise of confirmed cases imposed severe risks onto UK Citizens travelling, and the commonwealth as a whole. Those that refused to cancel their vacations will be forced to return home under specific conditions & rules, then sustain a mandatory 14-Day Quarantine.

Lack of Information for Certain Travellers

The quarantine will still be required for thousands, with British Tourism Association anticipating that job losses will be associated with the 14-Day mandatory period. That’s because a large percentage of the British population has continuously avoided the coronavirus news. Unaware travellers will have to inform their employers of the additional two-weeks needed for Quarantine, which is expected to initiate an influx of terminations. This will increase the economic losses associated with Great Britain.

It should be mentioned that flights for Paris to London saw an immediate increase in cost amid Prime Minster Johnson’s announcement. Standard prices are less than £150.00 for an hour-long flight. However, costs were gouged to £450.00 to $500.00. It was also confirmed that ferries & trains increased the prices of their respective tickets. Overall, these travellers saw the end of their vacations ruined.