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FBI Determines No Crime was Committed Against Bubba Wallace

The FBI, who were called in to investigate an incident of racial crime after a noose was found in the garage of Bubba Wallace,

American Professional Sports Face Difficult Decision

Professional sports in North America are expected to resume this July. Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, the National Football League, Ultimate Fighting Championship,

John Tavares Makes Donation to New York City Healthcare Professionals

John Tavares, who is now the captain for the Toronto Maple Leafs and who previously played for ten years with the New York Islanders

Public Health Becomes Primary Focus for MLB

The MLB Player’s Association agreed to consider the concept of matches being played in centralized locations without a supporter’s present. It’d allow for MLB

IndyCar Goes Virtual During Covid-19 Pandemic

Many motorsports have begun implementing virtual races to account for the Covid-19 Pandemic. This how now extended towards IndyCar, with them following similar implementations

Lorenzo Sanz Dies from Covid-19

The world of football received the sad news that one of its own passed as a result of contracting the coronavirus. Sanz, who was

Sporting Figures with Covid-19

There hasn’t been a historical pandemic like the coronavirus in the modern era, with it causing lasting effects on multiple industries. The global sports

Olympic Association Holding Meeting Over Coronavirus

January 2020 marked the date that the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee announced their newest chief medical officer, with that being Jonathon Finnof.

Tyson Fury Dominated Deontay Wilder

The United Kingdom’s Tyson Fury packed in a solid performance on Saturday night in Las Vegas against Deontay Wilder in his heavyweight championship bout

Tampa Bay Lightning Acquire Zach Bogosian

Hockey analysts were shocked to learn that Zach Bogosian lost his contract with the Buffalo Sabres, as he was one of their dominating defencemen.