CDC Travel Recommendations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are approaching for the United States. Multiple healthcare experts have mentioned their prominent concern towards these three dates, notifying Federal & Local governments that confirmed cases of coronavirus would increase by a substantial percentage if travel restrictions aren’t implemented. America’s federal government hasn’t abided by the recommendations of healthcare experts like Doctor Anthony Fauci, with President Donald Trump more concerned with revenue earned from November 30th to December 25th.

The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention is ignoring President Donald Trump again. Multiple travel recommendations were issued by the CDC, notifying American’s that travelling during Thanksgiving to Christmas will prompt surges of Covid-19 in the USA. Doctor Anthony Fauci has spent several days appearing on TV Programs to convince the American public of remaining indoors.

CDCs official website states that spreading the virus from one state to the next will increase by 60% or higher during the next month. It’ll prompt millions of infections, and likely thousands of deaths. Whenever President Donald Trump has been presented these numbers, the ageing loser has denied that healthcare experts are correct & that cases won’t increase. Anyone with the slightest level of intelligence knows POTUS is incorrect.
Recommendations issued by the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention notify Americans that upon the requirement of travel, guarantee that N95 facemasks are worn & that hands are sanitized regularly. Social distancing is also recommended but not required. Doctor Anthony Fauci confirmed that without government approval, the CDC could not require the public to adhere to these recommendations.

Recommendations from the CDC for Thanksgiving & Christmas include:

  • Provide food, drinks, utensils, and plates for yourself.
  • Explain the household rules surrounding Covid-19.
  • Don’t have family engagements indoors, with all gathering recommended outside.

Healthcare experts in the United States have implored the American government to implement travel restrictions. The American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, and American Nurses Association all requested conditions. President Trump denied their requests & publicly called these individuals foolish, showing his disrespectful nature again and again.