Coco Gauff Fails at Australian Open

After sporting analysts placed Coco Gauff as one of the top selections to win the 2020 Australian Open, this young athlete exited this tournament in tears on January 26th. This hasn’t diminished her goals of becoming one of the greatest female tennis players in history, with Coco Gauff anticipating the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. She plans to display her full potential at these Olympic events, which would follow after her recent win against Venus Williams. This 1st round victory allowed her to compete against Moscow’s Kenin, where Coca Gauff lost during the 3rd round. This 15-year-old athlete quoted that she made to many errors after prolonged sessions, noting that nerves didn’t affect her performance. When speaking with reporters, Coco Gauff also expressed that the last few weeks were unlike anything she’d ever experienced before and shown her what true potential will bring.

Coca Gauff has multiple opportunities through 2020 to reclaim herself at a top-tier competitor. The next event is the French Open, with Coca Gauff being the youngest competitor since in history. Considering that this event began in 1968, it’s just another accomplishment for the 67th highest-rated ATP professional. Achieving her success to acquiring Olympic position is the highlight of her professional career, which could last 20+ more years. Coca Gauff couldn’t handle the ferocious skills of Moscow’s Kenin at the Melbourne Arena, with the Russian-athlete taking a 3-1 victory. The crowd faltered towards Gauff, with fans screaming their support throughout the arena. There was minimal applause when Naomi Osaka won.

The Russian athlete was aided with increased double-faults, allowing her to take primary victory within fifty-eight minutes. Coca Gauff maintained strong serves throughout the battle, allowing for the American to acquire one point. Individual analysts’ thoughts that Gauff could tie-up the 3rd round matchup, but Kenin broke through Coco’s defences and received the third point. It resulted in Gauff expressing emotions of anger for the 1st time in her professional career.

The History of Coco Gauff

Everyone had expected this young athlete to dominate over the 2020 Australian Open. She’s considered the heir to the Williams Family legacy, as Coco Gauff has defeated both Venus Williams and Serena Williams. This American athlete has never won any of her championship tournaments though, as she lost to Simona Halep at the 2019 Wimbledon Events and Naomi Osaka at the 2019 United Stated Open. Following this defeat, she couldn’t help but shed tears of disappointment for her loss.