Countries with Official National Sports

Sports are considered an integral part of life when it comes to citizens from around the world. Every single country on the planet enjoys some competition, and each country has a minimum of one sport that they deem to be a significant part of their society and culture. However, there’s only a handful of countries in the world that boast with a national sport that is also established by law.

Pato – Argentina

The national sport in Argentina is pato, and it’s necessarily a game that is enjoyed on horseback, combining elements of basketball and polo. In a match, you will find two teams with four players on either side riding on a horse and fighting for possession of a ball to score a point by throwing the ball through a ring. The earliest recording of pato can be traced back to the 15th century and offers a violent and turbulent history. Instead of using a ball, the sport was played with a live duck. It was also quite common for fights and brawls to break out during a game.

Sloop Sailing – Bahamas

The national sport in the Bahamas is sloop sailing. The competition utilizes a boat that comes equipped with a single mast along with an aft and fore rig that only has a single headsail. Each year the Bahamas will host regattas. This is a series of boat races in the country. During these boat races, sailors will all across the country make their way to the event to show off their skills and abilities when it comes to sailing. This national sport has been apart of the Bahamas stretching back to 1993.

Kabaddi – Bangladesh

The national sport in Bangladesh is Kabaddi and its a contact sport with origins from ancient India. On an international scale, the competition consists of two teams with seven players on either side of the pitch. Each team will send a raider into the opposing party in an attempt to tag members while holding their breath. The tagged players will then attempt to capture the thief or hope for him to inhale before he reaches his side again.

Capoeira – Brazil

The national sport in Brazil is capoeira, and it’s necessarily a form of martial art that originated in Angola, combining elements of acrobatics, dance, and music. African slaves initially developed the sport in the country during the early 16th century. Once slavery ended in Brazil during 1888, the martial art style was used by bodyguards and various other occupations that consisted of protecting oneself.

Ice Hockey and Lacrosse – Canada

Canada boasts with two national sports, one for summer and another for winter. Lacrosse is seen as the summer national sport, while ice hockey is regarded as the winter national sport. In both these sports, the primary objective is to score a goal by shooting a puck/ball into the purpose of the opponent. Both games are incredibly physical and dangerous.