Denmark Barred from Entering the United Kingdom

Healthcare experts in Denmark confirmed that an unexpected & new strain of coronavirus had stricken their borders. It’s prompted for numerous countries to begin responding by barring Denmark residents travelling over the border. The latest nation to implement this measure in the United Kingdom, which will play drastic implications for international corporations in Denmark that hold significant contracts in the UK.

Denmark’s healthcare experts detailed that their coronavirus outbreak has been sustained after the initial strain jumped from humans to Mink’s (Similar to Ferrets). The mink population in Denmark is 15 Million, which is considerably higher than the 5.5 Million humans surrounding these borders. Denmark’s government responded by announcing it’ll terminate the Mink population to guarantee removal of Covid-M20 (Mink 2020).

Government officials confirmed that 214 Denmark residents had contracted the new strain of coronavirus. Civilians from the United Kingdom have been informed to return home immediately and commit to fourteen days of isolation from their household. Denmark has also been removed from the “UK Quarantine Travel List”, meaning additional UK residents cannot traverse to Denmark for the foreseeable future.

It should be noted that returning tourists must have their entire family isolate with them or face substantial fines. The UK Government is ensuring that self-isolation is being sustained by making incidental contact with returned residents at their homes. It’s the exclusive method UK’s National Health Service has to guarantee Covid-M20 doesn’t spread throughout Great Britain to Ireland.

Denmark officials chose to act with an immediate response, knowing that evidence shown from local healthcare experts weren’t incorrect & that widespread outbreaks of Covid-M20 could traverse through the farmlands. It wouldn’t take long for the new strain to make its way into prominent cities through Denmark, creating a national epidemic.

International Relations

The United Kingdom & Denmark governments have confirmed their holding discussions regarding updates on Covid-M20. Healthcare personnel in Great Britain have created research teams to review risk assessments & develop new protocols to eliminate outbreaks. It was also confirmed that the barring of Denmark residents into the UK would be reviewed weekly. When the virus has been sustained, the entry will be permitted.