Disney Negotiating with the NBA

The Walt Disney Company could assist the National Basketball League with resuming their 2020 Season. Walt Disney Representatives announced information regarding these two parties entering contract negotiations. It’d allow for all matches under the 2020 Season to be played in Central Florida, with the Walk Disney World supporting a substantial sporting complex. It’s named the “ESPN Wide World of Sports Complete”, and it’s located in Orlando. Multiple tournaments have been played at this entertainment facility, with the NBA looking to be the next.

Representatives with the National Basketball Association clarified that these discussions have only entered their initial stages. This PR Rep noted that the chances of playing genuine games are limited, with seasonal practices the likely option. Walt Disney is concerned that by allowing dozens of NBA Players into the same location, it’ll prompt the inevitable outbreak of COVID-19 amongst these athletes. Deaths would follow, and millions on invested players would be lost.

The National Basketball Association wouldn’t have fanatics believe this is the genuine reason behind their decision. PR Reps remarked that their top priority is the safety & health of players. This extends towards coaching staff and on-site personnel. However, if their top priority were genuine, then these contract negotiations wouldn’t have started, even with all precautionary protocols implemented, the COVID-19 Virus would’ve infected players because of the close quarters.

The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is the most significant facility of its time. It comprises 255-Acres, allowing for multiple leagues to compete simultaneously. The WWSC has held notable champions, like the Junior NBA World Championships. This partnership is possible because the Walt Disney Company owns ESPN Sports.

MLS Joins Discussions

Sporting analysts are aware that Major League Soccer is also in discussions to use the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for training purposes. Considering that MLS has already agreed to the Exclusive Training Permit, their approval process is slated to be considerably faster than the NBAs. Those lucky enough to spend the night at this palace has access to one of the 200+ rooms in the communal hotel area. This accounts for just one of the 255+ Acres.