Drinking Becoming Less Safe

The consumption of alcohol is becoming significantly more unhealthy for you. The revealing of the negative health effects comes with more adverse research, with the most recent paper coming from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. They issued a document that displayed updated guidelines for alcohol consumption since 20019, indicating that adults shouldn’t consume more than ten drinks per week. This averages less than two drinks per day, with the maximum being four. Anything higher could prompt issues like Heart Disease, Liver Failure, and Increased Exposure to Cancer.

The original guidelines released by the NHMSC in Australia stated that a maximum of two alcoholic beverages could be consumers every day, with the maximum being fourteen weekly. They believed at the time that this reduction would assist with the health-issues facing the Australian people. After re-reviewing that evidence, it was noted that citizens still have an exposed 100x chance at liver failure or heart disease with two alcoholic drinks daily. The association claimed they’d prompt an investigation into potential deaths from their false-diagnosis and offer settlements for their death. However, there hasn’t been any indication that research has begun.

This health-governing body understands that Australians have a significant drinking problem, often resorting to more than four to ten alcoholic beverages daily. It causes the nation to have one of the highest percentages of liver failure and heart disease. These guidelines were updated to the extent that suggests children under the age of eighteen shouldn’t ever drink. This warning was then provided to pregnant-women and men on heart medication. It seems that the devil’s sauce is far more deadly than first anticipated, with alcohol being the leading cause of 4000 yearly deaths in Australia and 70 thousand hospital visits.

How to Quit

Those struggling with alcohol addiction in Australia have multiple avenues for assistance. The main is Alcoholics Anonymous, which provides citizens nationwide with the services needed to improve their lives. Techniques will be taught to avoid future cravings, with support systems put in place to guarantee full remittance from alcohol. Search up your local meeting to find out its location, no registration is required.