Eddie Shack Dies at 83

The National Hockey League and community of Toronto are mourning the death of one of their iconic legends. It was announced by the Maple Leaf’s that Eddie Shack had died at eighty-three years of age, with their official statement being made through Twitter. Sentiments uttered their disbelief for the loss, remarking that Eddie Shack supporters the Leaf’s for decades after completing his nine seasons. Their formal statement concluded with an emphasis on how dearly missed Eddie will be going forward.

Eddie Shack became an iconic legend in Toronto, helping to redefine the Maple Leaf’s during the 1960s. Before signing with the Maple Leaf’s in the early 1960s, Eddie Shack had competed with multiple organizations in the National Hockey League. He’d found the right home with Toronto & hone his skillsets throughout nine seasons, earning the Maple Leaf’s four Stanley Cup victories. Eddie Shack was part of the last winning iteration of Toronto’s Maple Leaf’s, being one of the last champions to die.

Eddie Shack’s History

He’d become known throughout Ontario, Canada, and the United States for a distinctive style of skating that often leads to prominent hits. Eddie Shack would eventually be nicknamed “The Entertainer” for bruising his opponents, having a personality larger-than-life, and having a fashion style that’ll be remembered for years to come. Eddie Shack would always wear a cowboy hat accompanied by an extravagant moustache.

Eddie Shack was born in the city of Sudbury, a prominent town near Thunder Bay in Ontario. He’d play seventeen seasons in the National Hockey League, starting his career in 1958. Eddie’s prolonged lifespan in the NHL ended in 1975 & is considered one of the longest runs of his generation. Most hockey players didn’t last more than ten years because of numerous injuries, which Eddie Shack often avoided with his unique skating style.

Former members with the Toronto Maple Leaf’s expressed their condolences towards the Shack family, while also sharing their memories of Eddie & what he taught them over the years. Doug Gilmour mentioned that Eddie taught him how to see the humour in life, giving the former Maple Leafs Captain a new outlook.