Great European Cities off the Tourist Trail

Everybody has heard of the major European cities, and each year they get millions of visitors, but many other similar destinations have plenty to offer tourists.

In the Republic of Ireland, for example, most visitors go to the capital, Dublin; but the city of Cork is just as fascinating, and you will get a warm welcome there too. There are plenty of attractions for tourists, as well as many great restaurants and pubs.

Germany is home to the city of Freiburg im Breisgau. This is mainly a university town, but it can trace its history back to medieval times, and you can still see this in parts of the city today. It is also very close to the Black Forest, and many tourists use it as a base while they go hiking there.

The Netherlands has many great cities, and Maastricht is just one of these. It is a pretty, university town. Visitors can spend time in the tunnels under the city, or visit the cathedral.

Innsbruck can be found in Austria’s Tyrol region. The surrounding mountains are spectacular, and many visitors stay here while they go on climbing and walking expeditions. The Imperial Palace is a popular tourist destination, and if you are not feeling energetic, you can take the funicular railway up the mountain to enjoy some fantastic views.

Genoa in Italy is an ancient city located on the coast. The narrow winding streets and brightly coloured buildings are beautiful to see, and many visitors will spend time at the Porto Antico, the old port. The old town area is filled with medieval buildings, and a trip to the cathedral is a must. It is an excellent destination for a relaxing holiday, and the coastal location means that you are also within easy reach of some great beaches.