Fantastic Sports Bars in Moscow, Russia

With so many international sporting events to enjoy throughout the year, there are millions of sports fans across the globe that are always rushing around the city to find a decent sports bar to enjoy the action, and the city of Moscow is no different. Whether you enjoy the Champions League, American football, Aussie Rules, or even Tennis, here is a list of the best sports bars in Moscow that will provide all the sporting action you need along with a wide range of mouth-watering drinks to enjoy as the action unfolds.

One area that is filled with Irish pubs is Baumanskaya, and O’Hara’s is situated within a 5-minute walk from the closest metro station. While the Irish pub prides itself on its wide variety of fine whiskies, with more than 50 to choose from, it also provides a fantastic range of beers from across Europe. Even though you won’t find a massive screen at this bar to enjoy your favourite sports, you can still catch all the action thanks to a vast selection of smaller screens places on both the second and first floor of the pub.

Liga Pap

One of the most historical regions of the town, Chistiye Prudy, comes equipped with a restaurant, club, or even a bar in every third building, and this is where Liga Pap is situated. You can reach the sports bar with a mere 10-minute walk from the closest metro station, allowing you to enjoy a sophisticated establishment that impresses with over 20 different HD televisions to enjoy your favourite sports. There’s even a 3-by-5 meter projector screen for the most popular sporting event of the day. You can enjoy a variety of international competitions, including football, Formula 1, athletics, and hockey, among others.

Bobby Dazzler

Another fantastic pub that is situated in Chistiye Prudy is the famous Bobby Dazzler. The bar initially opened its doors back in 2003 and has managed to become the home of all Manchester United supporters in Moscow. The primary objective of the bar is to showcase the British culture to players in the region, and it’s a one-of-a-kind pub that comes equipped with British beer, British food, and British music that is played from open to close. You will also find that the place is packed with HD televisions and it quickly creates the atmosphere of a stadium when a Premier League game is showcased in the bar.

Sports Bar

The cleverly named Sports Bar is situated 5 minutes away from the closest metro station within the Novy Arbour region. You will notice that the walls inside are decorated with hockey helmets and replica soccer shirts along with a betting shop on the premises for bettors to enjoy a few wagers on the game. The bar comes equipped with 13 HD televisions and broadcasts all types of sporting events, including football, American football, swimming, athletics, and more. You will also find that the bar is packed with an assortment of alcohol and delicious food options.