Former Boxing Champion Returning

One of the most infamous heavyweight champions is returning to the ring after 1.5 decades of retirement. This individual is Mike Tyson, who stans at fifty-three years of age. The legendary boxer informed fans through Instagram Live that he’s begun training again for the 1st time in fifteen years. These training sessions are meant for a charitable exhibition fight slated for later this year. It’d take the novel coronavirus for Mike Tyson to return to boxing. It should be noted the ageing athlete won’t enter professional boxing again, which could potentially be life-threatening mid-way through his life.

Mike Tyson revealed that he’s been putting the gloves on for several days while working out with designated trainers through video chat. The former champ mentioned that his body is growing sorer by the day, with these workouts never-ending. This level of intensity is the standard for boxers, who do everything required to re-enter the ring after a prolonged disappearance. Mike Tyson also noted that his goal is to compete in three to five-round fights, which could apply for a variety of charities. He wants to help the homeless and those affected by drugs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results Starting to Show

Details on the champions workout routine were revealed on Instagram Live. Tyson iterated that every day includes two hours of cardio, with one hour put towards the treadmill and the other on a bicycle. Then Mike performs 300 Reps with a variety of lightweights. Afterwards, the former champion puts on the gloves and boxes for thirty minutes. It should be noted that supporters of Mike Tyson saw a short clip three-weeks ago of the athlete boxing in his kitchen.

The speed and ferocity of those punches resembled the former champions skillsets, meaning this training is paying off and these charitable fights will be revelled by millions worldwide. Boxing fanatics have missed the presence of Mike Tyson since he retired in 2005, supporting a career record of 56 Fights. The former champion knocked out 44 of his opponents, with 50 being defeated. Mike Tyson acquires six losses throughout his two-decade-long career. He’s considered the successor to Muhammed Ali, and a more versatile fighter.