Head Coach for FC Cincinnati Steps Away

The Major League Soccer Association announced that Ron Janes, the Head Coach for FC Cincinnati, is stepping down from his position with this club. It follows after substantial allegations that Ron Janes made inappropriate comments to female staff with FC Cincinnati. After a thorough investigation into these allegations, they were proven to be accurate, which forced the head coach to step down.

Major League Soccer representatives expressed that after they received this filed complain through the MLS Players Association, immediate investigations ensued. It was revealed that Janes made inappropriate comments to his players and female staff, with those direct comments not being publicly exposed to sports reporters. These extreme comments weren’t taken seriously, and Ron Janes will now lose any bonus funds earned from last season taken back. This marks the 1st instance that the MLS Association has forcibly had to have a coach stepdown, with previous allegations to head coaches prompting an immediate dismissal on their behalf.

Ron Janes now holds the record for shortest tenure as head coach with FC Cincinnati, as he’d been hired on August 2019. This man didn’t see an entire twelve months with the organization, with him immediately being removed from any preseason game testing. This means that assistant coaching staff will be responsible for leading their team into the Nashville FC matchup. FC Cincinnati has minimal time to locate a new head coach, with their season opener starting on March 1st. This leads sporting analysts to believe that assistant coaching staff will remain in charge for the first months of regular-season games.

FC Cincinnati Shocked

The Cincinnati Football Club released an official statement regarding these allegations. It mentioned that executives in Major League Soccer were shocked after building a committed repour with Ron Janes, that he assisted in the development of their culture and are thoroughly disappointed. Additional investigations will ensue regarding the inappropriate statements made by Ron Janes to players and female associates, with most of them being made within the locker room.

These allegations follow after multiple coaching personnel throughout various sporting leagues have been found mentally or physically abusing their players, with one of the most notable being Mike Tavares from the Toronto Maple Leaf’s. Going forward it’s not known if any legal procedures will occur to Ron Janes, with players potentially having the right to charge this man with harassment, which is dependent on the civil nature of these inappropriate statements.