Hong Kong & Singapore Travel Bubble Postponed

Travel bubbles for Hong Kong & Singapore have been postponed until December 15th. This follows after an exponential increase of Covid-19 Cases throughout Hong Kong, which isn’t surprising after mainland China has been given permission to traverse through the metropolis. Surges in confirmed infections have prompted the two destinations to eliminate their safety procedures for bubble tourism, meaning that “Air Corridors” have been removed until lockdowns are completed. Individuals wanting to traverse these regions won’t be given the opportunity, with Hong Kong civilians located in Singapore sustaining substantial fines & visa versa.

These two financial hubs have seen substantial setbacks in this announcement. It was hoped that numerous industries would restart with the relaunch of tourist. However, forty-three infections were confirmed for Hong Kong on November 22nd. It’s the highest volume of cases since the initial lockdown closed out three months ago. Healthcare experts throughout Hong Kong & international regions aren’t surprised with the increased infections.

Worldwide temperatures are dropping, which is resulting in increased infections across Asia to North America. It should be clarified that thirteen of the cases couldn’t be contact traced either, which is a first for Hong Kong. It means transmission sources aren’t known, creating significant concerns that outbreak scenarios will reach new highs by January 2021.

December 15th Review Date

Government personnel throughout Hong Kong have praised the decision to eliminate bubble tourism. It was clarified by the Commerce Secretary of HK that revising the tourism or financial industries won’t be possible unless healthcare condition for the public aren’t severe. Both nations must be comfortable & feel safe about moving forward. It was announced that revisitation of the tourist travel bubble will be reconsidered by December 15th.

Local politicians behind this decision evoked that the hope is to resume travel before the holiday season & that everyone in Hong Kong must do their part to curb the spread of coronavirus.