Incredible Sports Bars in Melbourne

There are always major sporting events taking place around the world, and if you consider yourself desperate to be surrounded by more passionate and beloved sports fans, we urge you to take a look at the sports bars that are scattered across Melbourne, Australia, a city that is genuinely sports-centric in every way possible. Even though there are countless sports bars in the town, we narrowed it down to the handful of destinations provided below, sure to provide a memorable experience even if your favourite team loses a match.

The Imperial

The Imperial is considered one of the best and oldest sports bars that are situated in the CBD of Melbourne. This phenomenal rooftop bar comes equipped with an extensive wine list and an impressive beer selection along with an incredible food menu inspired by English cuisine. You will also be blown away by their comprehensive display of sporting events from across the globe that is portrayed on a wide range of HD televisions to ensure you don’t miss a single second of the action.

The Sporting Globe

With several destinations across Melbourne, stretching far beyond this lovely city as well, the Sporting Globe is regarded as an ideal location for any sports lover. Each of the sports bars owned by the company comes equipped with more than 30 different screens that provide coverage on the Bledisloe Cup, AFL, NRL, and UFC along with plenty of other sporting events to keep you entertained. Each destination also boasts with TAB facilities, delicious food options, and significant events with tons of discounts to taking advantage of.

The Great Northern

Whether you consider yourself to be a UFC watcher, a Union supporter, or an AFL fanatic, you will be covered when you pay a visit to the Great Northern. This incredible sports bar also covers NFL, EPL, A-League, cricket, and NRL to mention but a few. Plus, if you are interested in watching a specific sporting event, the bar will ensure that it’s displayed on one of the 10 HD televisions that are scattered around the bar area or on one of the two projector screens. If there’s a match that takes place in the middle of the night, you can bet your bottom dollar that the bar will open its doors for sports fans to catch the action too.

The Bells Hotel

If you are looking for a watering hole in the South of Melbourne, you’ll be pleased to know that The Bells Hotel has got you covered. This exciting sports bar features local and international sporting events along with seasonal attractions to ensure you keep coming back for more. There is a total of 38 different televisions situated on the property that shows sporting events from Sky Sports and Fox Sports. You will also find a full range of betting opportunities along with street seating for added convenience. Further, you can enjoy a wide range of beers, wines, whiskeys, and rum, along with a decent food menu to match.