IndyCar Goes Virtual During Covid-19 Pandemic

Many motorsports have begun implementing virtual races to account for the Covid-19 Pandemic. This how now extended towards IndyCar, with them following similar implementations made by Formula One and NASCAR. This series will be for entertainment purposes and will provide a void during the pandemic. Fans were shocked by the closure of IndyCar, with its seasonal races being suspended 48 hours before the season opener on March 15th. Fans suspected that one race would be cancelled, with it being confirmed that Indianapolis 500 would also be terminated. Postponements will continue until the Covid-19 Pandemic is solved throughout North America.

IndyCar began their virtual iRacing Series after NASCAR found success during their launch on March 22nd. It saw more than 900+ thousand viewers from across North America, with those high numbers being prompted through televised broadcasts with Fox Sports. IndyCar couldn’t find a television broadcaster for their virtual races, prompting analysts to expect lower numbers. The 1st IndyCar Virtual Race will be held at Watkins Glen International Speedway, which was decided after fans voted for their favourite location.

Those wanting to watch the IndyCar iRacing Virtual Series can be seen through YouTube. It’s expected that 45+ thousand supporters will attend the venue. It’s known that the National Anthem will be sung remotely by Jim Cornelison, the Chicago Blackhawks Player. IndyCar Organizers are trying to make this virtual event similar to the real experience. However, this has been challenging for all motorsport leagues.

Johnson in the Lineup

Surprising celebrities were announced for the IndyCar iRacing Series. It’s been confirmed that Jimmie Johnson, a Seven-Time Champion of NASCAR, will make his second appearance in iRacing with IndyCar. This follows after making his debut race for NASCAR last weekend on March 22nd. Johnson retired from real racing but has actively participated in the virtual world for a prolonged period. He’ll be wearing a Greg Moore Shirt to honour one of the legends in this sport. It’s expected that multiple other races from various motorsports will participate with the IndyCar iRacing Series. We could even see notable F1 Drivers like Lando Norris, or Max Verstappen compete in the American version of their sport.