LA Galaxy Terminates Footballer over Partners Statements

Aleksander Katai from the LA Galaxy has lost his position with the football team. This follows after his wife posted multiple photos on social media that approved of racist behaviour & violent responses towards the African American Community. Tea Katai remarked his anger towards the George Floyd protests, making statements of pure ignorance & hatred against America’s largest nationality.

Even though Aleksander Katai didn’t make these statements personally, he’s feeling the effects of his wife’s decision. It shows that during the Black Lives Matter Movement, nothing will stop corporations from axing their ties to employed personnel. It doesn’t matter if direct or extended family make racist remarks, that individual will feel the backlash. Multiple sporting analysts, reports & supporters have expressed their shock towards LA Galaxy firing their newly acquires superstar.

When questioned on why this decision was made, the LA Galaxy provided a formal statement to ESPN Reporters. They mentioned that their strongly condemning social media posts regarding racist behaviour & demanded an immediate removal of those sentiments. They’d then remark that racism of any variation isn’t supported by MLS Teams, with this extending towards the family members of players. People were quick to emphasis that Aleksander Katai was terminated for PR & that LA Galaxy is merely avoiding anger against the actions of someone who isn’t employed by MLS.

Wrongful Firing

LA Galaxy terminated Aleksander Katai for not forcibly demanding what his wife could & couldn’t post to social media, which if had been revealed would’ve also created backlash for this football. LA Galaxy Coaching Staff put Aleksander into an unavoidable position that would’ve led to his termination regardless. It should be mentioned that Tea Katai deleted all her Instagram posts that regarding the approval of racism. Remarks from this woman are highly ignorant & won’t be repeated on this site.

Significant losses were sustained by terminating Aleksander Katai’s. He was recently purchased from Chicago Fire FC for the 2020 Season. Training with the LA Galaxy had already begun for Aleksander, meaning a payout package was required for his termination to be finalized. Millions would’ve been paid out to avoid possible lawsuits.