Lorenzo Sanz Dies from Covid-19

The world of football received the sad news that one of its own passed as a result of contracting the coronavirus. Sanz, who was 76 at the time of his passing on Saturday had been in hospital in the intensive care ward since Monday of this past week and was undergoing treatment in hopes of combating the devastating effects this virus ids having on the elderly.

However, on Saturday his family revealed he had succumbed to the illness. Sanz, who is survived by five children and his wife, was the head coach for Madrid for mfive years and heled lead the club to a Spanish Super Cup title and a Spanish league title. That brought an end to years of losses for Madrid, who in 1998m won its seventh European trophy in 1998.

Extended State of Emergency in Spain

Currently, there are over 24,000 infected with the coronavirus in Spain, a country that has seen almost 1,400 pass as a result of contracting the virus. The country is in the midst of doing all it can to combat the virus and has implemented a state of emergency that is extended this week for another 15 days as announced by its Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Sunday.

The Prime Minister made the announcement on state television in what was a brief statement after he has met with security and state health officials. He stated that it is expected that his request will be approved by Parliament and comes at a time when the death rate from the virus in increasing.

Spain saw another 395 pass from the virus this week bring its total death count to 1,720. Resultant on the increase, Spain has set up temporary hospitals throughout the country and has orders all citizens to remain indoors and only leave home for essential services, a move that has seen most of the country appearing deserted.

In his state-wide address, Sanchez said, “There are hard days ahead. We have to get ready from a physiological and emotional standpoint. We have to get to the end of next week strong, very strong. The risk is everywhere.”

Sharing in those sediments, the Spanish Coordinating Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies director, Fernando Simon, said people need to remain cautious adding: “We are approaching the period in which perhaps, if we are lucky, we will turn the curve, stabilize and it’ll start to go down,” Simon said in a press briefing on Sunday.