McGregor’s Ignorant Twitter Tyrant

Ireland’s most notable athlete showed his true colours once again through social media. Conor McGregor took it upon himself to engage with Twitter, releasing several tweets regarding the events of UFC 249. These sentiments also called out multiple high-ranking fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, exclusively towards the lightweight division. This means that McGregor plans to drop from the Heavyweight Class and return to his conventional form of fighting, which some analysts speculate is the wrong decision. New talents have entered the lightweight division and could outpace Conor McGregor with every punch thrown.

The tyrant from Conor McGregor began with the Irishman confirming he’s ready to return to the octagon, under the condition that Dana White continues not to allow fans at these venues. McGregor wants to immediately take on Justin Gaethje, who obtained the Lightweight Division Championship after defeating Tony Ferguson on May 9th. However, McGregor isn’t deserving of this fight. His most recent opponent was Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, who had lost multiple matches before competing against McGregor. Conor should have to take on numerous opponents before obtaining a championship fight, which is what every other member in the UFC must accomplish. Fame shouldn’t immediately garner McGregor individual permissions.

The Remarks

Conor’s statements were rampant and inconsistent, with McGregor first crediting Tony Ferguson with victory over UFC 249. He quickly changed his mind and called Ferguson’s performance embarrassing for a former champion. It should be noted that this loss ends Tony’s twelve-fight winning streak, where he was supposed to defend the championship title against notable opponents like Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

After claiming that Justin Gaethje would be his next opponent, Conor McGregor changed his attitude and started threatening Dustin Poirier. This battle would be exciting and most likely see Conor have a formidable opponent again. Those sentiments towards Poirier then reverted and returned to Justin Gaethje, where McGregor threatened his life in the octagon. This is the 1st time that Conor has threatened to take somebodies life in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’ll be interesting to find out who McGregor competes against in the coming months.