MLB Stars Reflect on Coronavirus Symptoms

The novel coronavirus for hundreds of thousands worldwide has proven deadly, with millions facing an onslaught of symptoms that left them feeling weak & unlike their former physical selves. Individuals that thought COVID-19 similar to the Flu have begun releasing their stories on how the virus handled, with the newest accounts coming from two athletes in Major League Baseball.

The 1st account of symptoms came from Eduardo Rodriguez with the Boston Red Sox, who plays Left Field. Sentiments from the MLB baseballers informed his supporters not to take the coronavirus lightly, telling fans that he’d contracted the virus before arriving at the team camp & isolating for fourteen days.

Eduardo Rodriguez remarked that as a professional athlete, his body was depleted & felt similar to an older man of 100-years-old. These sentiments were made through the “Boston Globe” with reporter Pete Abraham. Eduardo than requests that everyone begins wearing face masks, social distance beyond two metres, and hand sanitizer whenever possible. Pete Abraham wrote in his article that the panic & concern in Rodriguez’s voice was evident.

The Boston Red Sox Left Fielder also spoke with the New England Sports Network through reporter Guerin Austin. Sentiments made with NESN noted that David Price had reached out to Eduardo multiple times, making sure his health & safety weren’t in life-threatening conditions. It should be clarified that Eduardo Rodriguez is twenty-seven, and it’s shocking that someone this young felt their bodies deplete entirely from the coronavirus. Eduardo wasn’t the exclusive individual to account his symptoms to public supporters, with Freddie Freeman from the Atlanta Braves remarking he found god again after contracting the virus.

Freddie Freeman’s Sentiments

COVID-19 forced its deadly symptoms onto Freddie Freeman, an All-Star First Baseman & Infielder with the Atlanta Braves. Freeman has recovered from the coronavirus days ago, noting that his body has begun returning to normal conditions. Freddie clarified that on July 3rd his body was in so much physical pain that for the first time in years, he prayed to god. He requested that god not take his life. Freeman feared for his life after continuous vomiting & loss of taste/smell. He maintained a fever of 104.2 Degrees, the highest of his life. These statements from MLB Baseballers will hopefully show naysaying fans that the coronavirus isn’t to be disregarded.