MNTO Reopens Morocco’s International Borders

International tourists needing an immediate vacation can now select Morocco. It’s been announced by the Moroccan National Tourist Office that their borders have reopened for global visitors. Few countries aren’t being permitted access, with Brazil & America the two nations that’ll find challenges with entering Morocco. The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and other first world countries are legally permitted entrance into Morocco.

Regulations implemented by the MNTO detail that “Travel Visas” aren’t required for tourists to enter the region. All that’ll be needed is for visitors to display their negative COVID-19 PCR Test, with results having been dated 72-Hours or earlier from their arrival. Before leaving Casablanca Airport, visitors must present border agents with an accommodation booking for a national resort. Tourists can also show a Moroccan Company Visitation Request, which enables visitors to earn finances while staying in the Morocco borders.

Visitors from the United Kingdom have two airlines available for selection. The first is named “Royal Air Maroc – UK, Heathrow”. Air Arabia is the 2nd aviation taxi service that travels to Morocco. From these two selections, it’s better to purchase tickets with Air Arabia. The Royal Air Maroc is more for military personnel than standard civilians. However, during COVID-19 it’s being permitted that UK civilians can fly with RAM.

The MNTO United Kingdom & Ireland Director, Jamal Kilito, is excited about the borders reopening. His sentiments indicate that Morocco is ready to welcome back British & Irish tourists. That’s unsurprising, with the tropical nation consider the Cuba of Europe. Pristine beaches & luscious waters await those that travel to Morocco. It’s also an environment infamous for entertainment, attractive dancers, adventurous betting, and sporting activities. Combining these attributes will see Morocco rise from the ashes of their fallen tourism industry, which saw drastic declines in profit after the COVID-19 pandemic implicated international travel.

Where to Go? What to Do?

Those purchasing travel packages to Morocco have multiple locations to select from, with each being iconic. This includes the Marrakech & Agadir Fes. Visitors can also engage in extreme sporting activities like desert explorations, hiking throughout the Atlas Mountains, and exploring coral reefs across Moroccan beaches. It’s these core backdrops that’ve enabled Morocco to remain a popular tourist destination for decades.