NASCAR Resumes with Kevin Harvick Winning

Dedicated supporters behind NASCAR will remember the May 16th weekend, with this being the date of the motorsports return after it’s first prolonged postponement in history. It’ll be a day memorized into the hearts of loyalists, with grandstands being empty and tailgates not permitted inside the track. Personnel allowed within Darlington Raceway were forced to wear face masks that embodied the team’s logo. Large bottles of hand sanitizer could be seen throughout the NASCAR garages, and Personnel were practising social distancing by two metres.

Analysts weren’t expecting NASCAR to take COVID-19 measures seriously. Seeing the exact opposite was praised, with this motorsport acting like a shining example to fans that are commonly associated behind the conservative party. These individuals have rioted and protested social distancing measures, demanding that Donald Trump reopen the American economy for their benefit. NASCAR taking the opposite approach could change the mindset of thousands.

NASCAR saw themselves experiences ten weeks without racing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After noticing all the changes made to NASCAR for this virus, the engines roared at Darlington Raceway and fans were immersed into the action. For a brief moment, the coronavirus was forgotten about by fanatics. It saw Kevin Harvick take victory over Alex Bowman, with dozens of other sporting institutions worldwide watching this venue to determine if similar measures can be enacted with their respective operations. NASCAR’s standards were deemed successful, which is allowing for the motorsport to maintain its resumed operations throughout the pandemic.

Thanks to NASCAR

Kevin Harvick spoke to reporters & fans after acquiring his podium victory, thanking NASCAR and the American government for allowing them to compete. He didn’t anticipate the influx of chances seen on and off-track but was still thrilled to resume his 2020 season. It should be noted that Kevin Harvick held 1st place for 159 of 293 Laps at Darlington Speedway, it once of the highest record counts for that location. This marks more than 50+ podium victories for Kevin Harvick; a man considered a serious contender for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. NASCAR Analysts now speculate that Kevin Harvick is the primary candidate to acquire the 2020 Championship.