NBA Athlete Creating Coronavirus Documentary

There are millions worldwide trying to assist with curbing the spread of COVID-19 without requiring financial compensation, while there are just as many wanting to earn their riches from the pandemic. One such individual is Chris Paul, a professional NBA player. He announced that production on a COVID-19 pandemic documentary has begun, with the inherent focus regarding how sports worldwide were closed because of this virus.

Details regarding this documentary were highlighted by Chris Paul, who made his announcement through “The Player Tribune Knucklehead Podcast”. Remarks from the NBA player indicated that a portion of this documentary would reflect his personal experience with the pandemic. Chris Paul learns the National Basketball Association entered suspension status minutes before playing with Oklahoma City’s Thunder on March 11th. Position as Point Guard, avoiding their opponents & supporters after an unexpected suspension was impossible. Anger loomed amid the crowd after NBA Corporate issues fans to leave the facility under government orders. It’s now not known when Oklahoma City’s Thunder will compete against Utah Jazz in 2020.

The PTK Podcast

When questioned by the PTK Podcast how his mindset was in those moments, Chris Paul iterated the madness in those moments. Details released by the NBA Point Guard noted that Brian Grazer & Antione Fuqua are assisting with the development of this documentary. They’ll obtain perspectives from dozens of NBA Players, allowing for supporters to learn how their star athletes reacted to the overall pandemic.

Chris Paul continued his sentiments through the Player Tribute Knucklehead Podcast, remarking that nobody had ever seen anything like this in sporting history. Chris Paul has experienced an unfortunate trade from the New York Knicks, the Donald Sterling Scandal, and Hurricane Katrina during an Away Match. The events that unfolded with COVID-19 were unlike anything that Chris Paul had seen previously throughout his career, concerning the NBA Point Guard on how the league will move forward after this pandemic.

Multiple players have expressed fear regarding resumed play during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a formal agreement between the NBAPA & Corporate Division having been issued only days before July 1st. When matches return on July 24th, an influx of infections could be seen. 38 Confirmed Infections currently stand in the National Basketball Association.