NBA Legend Comments on George Floyd Death

Older athletes will rarely provide commentary of social issues happening throughout the United States of America. However, the death of George Floyd has prompted nearly every one of an influential status to provide their insight into the manner. The most recent remarks come from Michael Jordan, someone considered to be in the Top Five NBA Athletes. The statements weren’t issued directly by Michael Jordan but instead through his Manager, Estee Portnoy. She provided this statement direct through Twitter.

Words issued by Estee Portnoy were directly from Michael Jordan, who noted his deep sadness & evident anger towards this situation. He mentioned his understanding of everyone’s pain, frustration, and outrage. The 1st statement was finalized by Jordan remarking he stands with those calling for the end of racism in America, and violence in their nation. This means that Michael Jordan has agreed with the looting & destruction seen throughout Minneapolis, New York City, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.

Another statement was issued, with the full remarks broken into multiple Tweets because of the 240 Character Limit. Jordan revealed that in his elderly age, the answers to these issues aren’t available to him. However, the collective voices of all races combating this issue together show the government it’s the inability to divide their civilians. Jordan noted that empathy & compassion towards this brutality would resolve the issue, that implementing peaceful expressions moving word will better unify America.

This means that though Michael Jordan condoned the initial destruction & looting, the NBA Legend believes that committing towards peace moving forward will better resolve this issue. It’s the best method available for implementing systemic change in a nation that’s inherently built on racism. Jordan finalized his full statement by providing condolences to the George Floyd Family, with these sentiments extending towards those that’ve faced unsustainable odds with racism.

It should be mentioned that protests throughout Minneapolis haven’t ended for several days. Entire neighbourhoods have been destroyed in these protests, with hundreds being injured. Reports indicate that protests aren’t directly from Minneapolis but instead travelling from out-of-state. Those found guilty of engaging in these violent protests are being changed & imprisoned. Arresting hundreds of innocent civilians desiring genuine democracy over imprisoning three men who committed horrendous acts of violence is the new nature of America.