NCL Postpones Cruising till April 2021

International tourism has halted worldwide, with largescale corporations operating resorts & cruises being forced to close their facilities to avoid outbreaks of Covid-19. Few have found reliable methods to administer testing & isolation for tourists, leading towards continued postponements for numerous brands. The latest postponement surrounds Norwegian Cruise Lines, which announced the continued closure of their fleet & hopeful return for April 2021.

Three ships considered Norwegian Cruise Line’s best will make their likely departure by April 1st, 2021. The vessels selected include the Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Encore, and Norwegian Joy. Official relaunch dates for NCLs remaining fleet hasn’t been clarified. It suggests that Norwegian Cruise Lines has concerns that outdated ships cannot eliminate outbreaks, with their modern vessels maintaining the facilities needing for testing & social distancing.

An explanation towards the continued postponement was issued to clientele on NCLs website. It’s indicated that delays are voluntary, with initial announcements seeing the three ships mentioned above launching on March 1st. Those vessels were confirmed for an additional month postponement following NCLs international announcement. Avoiding questions from media personnel, spokespersons with Norwegian Cruise Lines identified their continuing to work alongside the CDC to guarantee FCSO provisions are met.

Statements from Norwegian Cruise Lines extended by notifying clientele a “Return-to-Service Plan” is being negotiated. Guarantees were made that domestic & global authorities are continually being advised on vessel conditions, while promising the updated Cruising Legislation in America is followed without exempt to any clause. These statements are meant to garner faith & security behind consumers, with a large percentage holding fear towards international cruises after Covid-19 outbreaks.

Book Away!

Norwegian Cruise Lines isn’t stopping clientele from purchasing vacations with NCLs booking service, with promises to uphold tourism packages being made weekly. These prebooked vacations is one of few methods NCL is generating revenue during the pandemic. Tourism analysts recommended that travellers avoid making any largescale vacation plans until after receiving vaccination, as safety isn’t guaranteed until the Covid-19 vaccine is administered.