Netherlands Bans UK Tourism from Borders

The United Kingdom received issued warnings from multiple nations that they’ve been banned from entering borders. France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands aren’t allowing UK residents to complete planned trips. It follows after the United Kingdom implemented the new “Tier Four Stage Lockdown”. Two hours notice were given to UK Resident to comply with the latest measures, which shows the drastic implications Great Britain & Northern Ireland are facing.

Outbreaks follow after mutated versions of Covid-19 that have been seen in Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Great Britain entered pandemic scenarios for the UK. Thirteen thousand infections were sustained on December 20th; the highest witnessed in Europe. Devastation throughout Southern England is extreme. Most have considered that part of Great Britain a lost cause.

Nations that’ve experienced the mutated version of Covid-19 haven’t reacted quickly. The Netherlands were exclusive in responding towards an enhanced version of coronavirus, which is harder to detect & has more robust capabilities in transmitting itself from human-to-human. The Netherlands weren’t first to witness the mutated strain of coronavirus, with that virus originating from Denmark.


Dubbed Covid-M20, Denmark witnessed the national population of mink’s sustain a significant outbreak of Covid-19 that mutated into a strong & more resistant version of coronavirus. Denmark responded by eliminating five million mink’s, killing off the national population. The Netherlands saw infections of Covid-M20 originating from Great Britain, with contact tracing indicating that British tourists returning from Denmark had become infected with Covid-M20. It prompted outbreaks in four nations across Europe & subsequently, Australia.

British tourists have been implicated by banned flights seen across the European Union. Few nations in Europe are allowing UK civilians to enter their borders. Travel restrictions in Europe have once again become severe, with implicating outbreaks possible if the immediate halt of European-based flights to Great Britain is sustained. Similar responses will be seen for other nations facing outbreaks of Covid-M20.