NFL Head Coach Contracts COVID-19

Doug Pederson from the Philadelphia Eagles announced that he’s tested positive for COVID-19. The Head Coach for this NFL Team announced ESPN on August 2nd. Pederson is one of the 1st coaches in the National Football League to have contracted the virus. An official statement was immediately issued afterwards by the Philadelphia Eagles, who clarified that Pederson is Asymptomatic & is under self-quarantine measures for fourteen days. He’ll continue to receive medical advice, and assistance from physicians working with the Philadelphia Eagles. The confirmation that Head Coach Doug Pederson is Asymptomatic came to relief for players, assistant coaching personnel, and Philadelphia Eagles investors.

PR Personnel with the Philadelphia Eagles confirmed that they’re abiding by enforced protocols issued through the National Football League & its respective player association. Those that were in close contact with Doug Pederson have been notified of his contraction, with those individuals receiving immediate tests. Multiple positive tests are anticipated to return by August 4th for the Philadelphia Eagles, with Doug Pederson likely having close contact with various footballers. It could prompt this NFL Organization to opt-out from the 2020 season, facing a possible outbreak of coronavirus.

NFL Training Camps Facing Outbreaks of Coronavirus

Doug Pederson is the 2nd National Football League Head Coach to have confirmed positive testing for COVID-19. It’s been six months since the last NFL Head Coach was announced to have contracted the virus, with that individual being Sean Payton with the New Orleans Saints. Payton received the infection without any correlation to the National Football League, meaning that Philadelphia Eagles Doug Pederson is the 1st NFL Coach to have gotten the virus during official training.

It should be mentioned that Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles had been confirmed last week to have tested positive for COVID-19. It’s suspected that Head Coach Pederson acquired the virus throughout Johnson, with multiple players & team personnel slated to have confirmed infections after the next testing period is complete.

The coronavirus has become a continuously discussed top in the National Football League, with various training camps confirming continued positive tests of COVID-19. This has prompted 42 Footballers to confirm their opt-out from 2020 Seasonal Matches, including eight players for the New England Patriots. Numerous others are anticipated to follow.