Nightclub Kicks Uruguay Players Out

The Uruguay National Rugby Team have once again been caught up in a scandal. This time multiple members of the national team were kicked out from a nightclub because of inappropriate behaviour. The team is estimated to have cost the nightclub more than $50,000.00 in damages over Halloween Night. Considering that the national team was supporting their country in Western Japan, this action became viral over the nation and Uruguay has now faced severe backlash from Japanese Citizens. The Kumamoto Nightclub had an entire DJ Booth destroyed by the players, multiple bottles of high valued liquor and evidence also suggests that the players committed disgusting acts in the men’s bathroom.

The Lawyer for the Kumamoto Nightclub, Hiroki Kishimoto, spoke about the incident in length with reporters. He stated: “The owner of Kumamoto estimates that the damage will cost them Four Million Yen or $50,000.00 in American Dollars. This will include the losses of salary, destroyed products, destroyed property and days lost in business. I know that the owner is devasted over the incident and angry that Uruguay left without making a formal apology. He is also disappointed that this had to happen at a prosperous time for the country”
The fact that this incident happened during the World Cup Championships has made it a viral sensation in Japan. It’s prompted an immediate decline in ticket sales for the next world cup amongst Japanese viewers. Incidentally, the fact that the team left without making a formal apology to the owners or the Japanese nation has come off a severe sign of disrespect.

The Punishment

There is a serious chance that the several members of the Uruguay National Rugby Team that split drink, destroyed mirrors in the bathroom, punches thee walls and even killed a stuffed bear, won’t be allowed to return to Japan ever again. The actions of these players come after the team lost by more than 20 points to the Wales Rugby Team. It’s not the first time that this sporting association has been caught acting with poor sportsmanship, and there is even a chance they’ll receive fines from the World Rugby League for their actions.

The incident ended when three of the players collectively tackled an employee at the sports bar, causing severe injury to their back and arms. The players purposely committed their final act before leaving the bar, as their flight was set to go in three hours. This resulted in no police action from Japanese Authorities, as Uruguay Players avoided law enforcement. This marks the first incident in the series and will surely have backlashes for the national team. The last line of punishment would be banning the national team from the next championship, which Japan’s Rugby Authorities are fighting for with officials.