Olympic Association Holding Meeting Over Coronavirus

January 2020 marked the date that the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee announced their newest chief medical officer, with that being Jonathon Finnof. He took the role during a period of severing concern revolving around the coronavirus. Considering his job relates to the athletes and their respective medical conditions, the COVID-19 Virus Strain has become seriously concerning for the CMO.

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are slated to begin in the coming months, with his job now centring around the concept of securing attendee’s health to American Events. Considering the competition is slated to start on July 22nd, multiple ticket holders are now concerned that they’ll be unable to attend the venues. It’s prompting for this chief medical officer and other executives with the Olympics to determine how refunds will be managed moving forward.

Refunds are being enabled after the International Olympic Committees President confirmed that the games would remain as scheduled. Multiple international outfits are opposing this decision, with upwards of five million people visiting this venue from across the world. Thomas Bach believes that so long as attendees wash their hands with disinfectants, an outbreak won’t occur. This individual hasn’t been paying attention to the factual information surrounding the coronavirus. It’s prompted all chief medical officers to demand a meeting with the Olympic Committee, where it’s expected that they’ll request changes be made to the number of attendees allowed to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

CMO Experience

Jonathon Finnof has two decades of medical experience when relating to sports injuries. He’s served as the medical director for multiple outfits throughout his lengthy career. This includes being the Title Team Physician for the Minnesota Timberwolves from 2014 to 2020. Taking the position as Olympic Chief Medical Officer prompted an immediate cancellation of his prior Minnesota Timberwolves contract.

The influential doctor provided his insights onto the coronavirus, noting that the Olympic Committee isn’t considering multiple factors that could prompt an outbreak. It should be mentioned that COVID-19 can be transferred from human-to-human with a simple blinking of the eyes. This dynamically changing situation shouldn’t be taken so lightly. We’ll keep our readers informed of any alterations to the 2020 Olympic Schedule is made moving forward.