Public Health Becomes Primary Focus for MLB

The MLB Player’s Association agreed to consider the concept of matches being played in centralized locations without a supporter’s present. It’d allow for MLB Corporate to resume their seasonal games and inquire advertisement profits, with Rob Manfred claiming that if agreed upon, the annual matches will begin in Florida or Arizona. Numerous obstacles faced Rob Manfred in this decision, with the MLBPA requesting that the entire season be terminated. MLBs President hasn’t been willing to consider this concept, demanding that matches could be resumed after everyone passed the quarantine period.

Executives with Major League Baseball forced the hand of Rob Manfred, informing him that the Board of Directors overruled his decision. That means MLB will more than likely be cancelled for 2020, with thirty teams unable to compete. Executives have begun considering if resources can be reformatted towards the production of medical equipment and supplies. This follows after the United States Government requested that manufacturing facilities assist where possible.

Rob Manfred was overruled for the primary reason that he wasn’t concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic. Just like Vince McMahon or Dana White, these sporting leaders refused to acknowledge that this virus is deadly. Executives had to overrule Rob Manfred to ensure the health of personal, staffers, players and attendees. The margin for error during this period is minimal and having somebody that doesn’t approach this situation logically can prove regrettable. This was confirmed with Rob Manfred being overruled.

What’s Next?

It should be noted that decisions haven’t been made regarding what’s next for Major League Baseball in 2020. The league and players association will continue to hold daily delegations through Zoom until April 15th. Refusal to agree will force the Board of Directors to make the financial decision. It should be noted that Rob Manfred refused to cancel scheduled matches until the “Centre of Disease Control and Prevention” announced that gatherings of 50+ people had become illegal until April 10th. Refusal from Rob Manfred afterwards would’ve prompted significant fines or potential prison time. We’ll provide our readers updates on the conclusion of these delegations.