RSDC Partner with Mott MacDonald Consultancy Services

In an effort to increase and optimise sustainability, the Red Sea Development Company has announced that it will enter into a contract with Mott MacDonald, a global engineering firm that offers a variety of consultancy services.

The goal of the Red Sea Development Company is to have Mott MacDonald determine the optimal configuration and its fleet and vehicle at the point of destination. In their consultancy role, Mott MacDonald will provide RSDC with a robust and comprehensive analysis of the companies needed by air, land and sea for the development needs of their new the 28,000km² site that is slated for opening in 2022 through to its anticipated 2030 completion. 

It is anticipated that the analysis will include strategies that use a combination of aircraft, boats, hydrogen and electric vehicles that focus on clean energy. Speaking on the contract, the chief executive of the Red Sea Development Company, John Pagano, stated that as a company, they believe that commercial and regeneration development does not need to be mutually exclusive.

Pagano further lamented that their destination offered extraordinary natural beauty that they have a responsibility to enhance, but also protect for use by future generations. Adding to his statement, Pagano stated that Mott MacDonald is an ideal partner who shares their vision on sustainability and their plan towards green mobility and that the company is looking forward to working together in an effort to deliver a carbon neutral destination.

Company hopes to identify supportive infrastructure

In addition to its analysis of the companies needs by air, land and sea for the development needs, Mott MacDonald is tasked with identifying supporting infrastructure that is most appropriate. This will include the adding on hydrogen and electric vehicle charging stations that are inline with the goals on the Red Sea Development Company and their vision towards providing a 100 per cent renewable energy destination.

The latest appointment is the first for Phase One of the project and an important part of its key development. The study will include analysing off-road leisure pursuit vehicles, helicopters, maintenance vehicles, cars, passenger ferries, trucks, seaplanes, vans, e-bikes, airside vehicles, buses and golf buggies.