Shevchenko Defeats Chookagian at UFC 247

Valentina Shevchenko decimated her competition at UFC 247, with this being the only matchup of the night that couldn’t be questioned on who won. Competing against Katlyn Chookagian, Valentina knocked down her opponent in the third round with a move that’d been seen three other times in UFC history. Implementing the Crucifix Position, Katlyn Chookagian had both her arms locked into place and her face inches from Shevchenko’s fist. Dozens of shots were landed to her face immediately, which followed after two earlier rounds that saw Chookagian overwhelmed with the flyweight division champion. By the third second of the first minute on the final round, referees had to call this fight. This bout is historically going to be remembered as one of the best since Ronda Rousey, with Valentina Shevchenko being the most feared woman in the UFC.

Las Vegas Oddsmakers determined that Valentina Shevchenko would dominate over Katlyn Chookagian. Whoever chose the latter with their betting opportunities would’ve been disappointed with the final result. It took less than one minute in the 1st round for Shevchenko to find her range, allowing for a consistent barrage of attacks. Before the first round was completed, Katlyn Chookagian was already bleeding from the forehead with a split wound. Throughout the second round, this increased with the titleholder implementing multiple takedowns and submissions, with Chookagian barely able to recover. This marks the 3rd time that Shevchenko has defended her title and now reigns as the most dominant female fighter in the UFC. Nobody has defeated this incredible athlete since 2017 Bantamweight Title Fight against Amanda Nunes.

Jon Jones Keeps Championship Title

Another champion kept their title throughout UFC 247, this time it was Jon Jones. However, he didn’t dominate over his opponent, and most would agree had been defeated throughout the first three rounds. It was the final two rounds that saved Jon Jones from complete submission, with him winning both championship rounds. Subsequently, he continued to hold the light heavyweight belt. Going forward it’s expected that Jones and Reyes will have a re-match. Jon Jones will have to implement new tactics and skillsets to dominate over Reyes during their inevitable re-match.