Sporting Figures with Covid-19

There hasn’t been a historical pandemic like the coronavirus in the modern era, with it causing lasting effects on multiple industries. The global sports market has seen the most drastic changes throughout the last month, with numerous leagues having to postpone their respective seasons. This is nothing in comparison to the numerous athletes that have contracted the novel coronavirus. We’ve provided a detailed list of the confirmed athletes with Covid-19. However, it’s suspected that there’s a small percentage refusing to verify their medical conditions to public sources for personal safety.

Multiple athletes and coaching staff have contracted this virus throughout the last month. This includes Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz Centre, who contracted the virus while travelling in his professional role. Contracting the virus prompted him to donate $500,000.00 towards relief aids. It should be noted that his contraction spread towards Donovan Mitchell, the Guard for the Utah Jazz.

The Forward for Detroit’s Pistons contracted the virus. Details regarding the way Christian Wood received Covid-19 weren’t provided, with remaining teammates being placed into self-isolation. When it applies to the Arsenal Football Club, their Manager contracted the virus while visiting Italy. Mikel Arteta has already begun healing from Covid-19 with the benefit of his young age.

Daniele Rugani from Juventus FC acquired the coronavirus last week. This followed after training sessions were held for the Defender with the Italian National Team. It was before the mass gathering restrictions were implemented. Daniele Rugani noted that it took several days before the asymptomatic symptoms because prevalent. It’s unknown how his medical condition is going forward. The Hannover FC Defender, Timo Hubers, contracted the coronavirus during an event on March 14th. The German Defender has entered Self-Isolation to ensure zero exposure with fellow teammates.

The Extreme Football League confirmed that a player with the Seattle Dragons had contracted the novel coronavirus after returning from business obligations in Italy. Details on that individual haven’t been provided to ensure personal safety. Additional strategies were implemented to a New York Yankees Player, with the NYYs mentioning that this individual hadn’t come into contact with any other players. It’s suspected that because of the physical condition of these respective athletes, they’ll all make prompt recoveries and be available for their competitions when sports are re-instated.