Sports Bars in Bogotá Worth Visiting

There’s something extraordinary when it comes to watching essential matches. Everyone around town will walk with their team’s t-shirt on along with a look of excitement before the game gets underway. Watching your favourite team perform at home is convenient and comfortable. However, it’s far more exhilarating and entertaining when you can watch your favourite team play on a gigantic screen while enjoying a few drinks with friends. Bogota is no exception to this rule as there are plenty of sports bars scattered across the city. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the sports bars that are well worth your time and money.

District Sports Bar

Whether you are interested in watching a Premier League match, an NFL or NHL game, or even athletics when the Olympics roll around, you’ll find everything at District Sports Bar. Situated at Parque de la 93, this incredible sports bar comes equipped with 50 TV screens which makes it the largest venue to watch a sporting event in the city. It’s a relatively new sports bar but its quickly making a name for itself thanks to the sports coverage and the drinks menu available at the place. The food is also a massive reason behind its popularity, allowing you to enjoy steaks, nachos, chicken wings, ribs, hamburgers, and more.

Buffalo Wings

As you probably already guessed, Buffalo Wings is a sports bar in Bogota that impresses with some of the most delicious chicken wings on planet earth. Apart from mouth-watering food options, it also comes equipped with a restaurant where you’ll be able to enjoy an array of sporting events, offering comfortable and spacious premises with tons of screens scattered all over the place. Buffalo Wings is essentially a giant food chain in Bogota, which means you will always find one close to where you are staying. The food chain also offers an all you can eat promotion to make it more appealing to sports fans that are visiting this lovely city.

Rathskeller Craft Beers

The biggest attraction at Rathskeller Craft Beers is undoubtedly the plethora of Colombian craft beers that are available at this incredible sports bar. Apart from the extensive range of craft beers, you can also enjoy your favourite sports while sinking a few beers in the process thanks to several TV’s situated across the bar and restaurant area. What’s even more impressive is that the bar comes with a fantastic food menu filled with German sausages, chicken wings, nachos, hamburgers, and more.

Bogota Beer Company

The Bogota Beer Company is an immensely popular chain across Columbia, offering a memorable experience where you’ll be able to enjoy food, discover loads of drinks, and be able to catch your favourite sports team on television thanks to each venue providing tons of sports coverage from around the world. The site is always buzzing with locals and tourist from across the globe, allowing you to meet new people and enjoy sports together over a few drinks.