Sports Bars in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

The Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is considered a melting pot when it comes to the sun-seeking locals and holidaymakers from across the globe. Nevertheless, in the final few minutes before an important sporting event, the beach will quickly start to thin out as most visitors and locals will make their way to a nearby sports bar to witness the action unfold. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the best sports bars in Copacabana.


Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the Mud Bug is a certified institution of Copacabana jam-packed with rowdy bettors nearly every night of the week. Even though the bar is somewhat on the pricey side of life, the drinks and food are definitely on point, and the overall atmosphere and vibe are rarely lacking. It’s worth mentioning, however, that you shouldn’t bother watching sports on the busier evening as socializing always takes precedence over sporting events.

Bar Bunda de Fora

This essentially means Butt Naked Bar when translated to English, and this crudely-named sports bar is a fantastic destination to enjoy some genuinely reasonably priced beers and alcoholic beverages directly on the sidewalk. You can even grab yourself a mouth-watering bite to eat with a couple of friends. It’s worth mentioning that the bar isn’t too focused on sports, but you will be able to catch the action unfold thanks to many televisions scattered around the bar area.

Os Imortais Bar

This place is bursting at the seams with character, providing an authentic Brazilian-style sports bar where you can enjoy one of the largest collections of imported beers and craft beers in the country. You will notice that the savoury snacks available at the bar are equally popular, especially when it comes to the full range of mouth-watering seafood pastries. You will find loads of televisions across the bar area as well, offering a lively atmosphere during important game days.

Blue Agave

If you are interested in finding an authentic Mexican sports bar in Copacabana, you cannot go wrong with Blue Agave. You can expect to see an array of televisions in this lively and tastefully decorated sports bar along with massive servings of truly delicious Mexican dishes served with more than enough space to change your life. You will also appreciate the fact that the bar comes equipped with an extraordinary range of tequila and craft beers to wash it all down.

Bottle’s Bar

This incredible sports bar is located in the popular Beco das Garrafas, which is essentially an alleyway that is considered the birthplace of the famous Bossa Nova. The sports bar comes equipped with two stories, giving you an ideal destination to mingle with both locals and tourists alike. The sports bar not only provides a ton of sports coverage displayed across multiple TV’s, but also impresses with delicious food options, an extraordinary selection of drinks, and live music to match.