Sydney Cancels NYE Fireworks

The devastating effects of climate change are beginning to stop yearly festivities from happening worldwide. The latest location to feel the adversity of alterations in the climate in Australia, who has faced significant wildfires throughout the last two months. This prompted government officials that oversee Sydney to cancel the firework show in the capital city for New Year’s Eve. This comes with significant concerns that the fireworks would prompt another fire, in an area that cannot afford to be destroyed.

The Australian Weather Network confirmed that the projected temperatures for Sydney on December 31st would exceed 38 Degrees Celsius, with the chance for that number to increase to 45 with plums of thick smoke from firework shows. Subsequently, this prompted the immediate cancellation of this event. Authorities are concerned that conditions will worsen overnight when these specific New Years’ Eve events take place. Subsequently, policing bodies will be patrolling neighbourhoods and providing tickets to those lighting fireworks this year.

The Financial and Physical Damage

It should be noted that these wildfires have been extreme, with numerous residents in the various Australian States, being evacuated from their homes. Throughout this year, nine individuals have passed away from these fires, and more than one thousand houses have burnt down in New South Wales. Considering this is their most popular state and that 97 fires are burning across it; the concern is significant amongst officials. Forty-three of these wildfires haven’t been contained, meaning they can spread at any moment and cause additional damage.

Residents of Australia were told that the fireworks show was greenlighted but would be cancelled if wildfire conditions became catastrophic. It was expected that these celebrations would attract one million visitors and earn $130 million for the economy. This is a significant loss of the economy, indicating that the nation is more concerned with their wildlife conditions than financial burdens. It’s this premise that assists climate change, with some claiming it’s the wrong decision to make. The Prime Minister of Australia demanded that the fireworks show continue onwards as planned, which was immediately dismissed by the Deputy Premier of New South Wales. He has ultimate control over regional events.