Tampa Bay Lightning Acquire Zach Bogosian

Hockey analysts were shocked to learn that Zach Bogosian lost his contract with the Buffalo Sabres, as he was one of their dominating defencemen. It didn’t take long for Bogosian to acquire a new deal, this time with the Tampa Bay Lightning. This follows mid-way through the 2019-2020 NHL Season, with the Stanley Cup Playoffs looming. Zach Bogosian will now play for the Tampa Bay Lightning’s for one year under a $1.3 million contract. This twelve-year veteran spent several days unaware of his future in the National Hockey League. It should be noted that his agreement with the Buffalo Sabres was terminated after he refused to report to Minor League Training.

This decision has cost Zach Bogosian a substantial sum of money, with his prior contract through the Buffalo Sabres worth $6 million for the remaining season. When he became a free agent, discussions were held with multiple outfits. Considering the length of the remaining season, Tampa Bay had the highest offered contract for Bogosian. While this decision doesn’t benefit him in terms of finances, it assists him with a better organization. Tampa Bay Lightning are ranked 2nd in the NHL Atlantic Division, with them being five points away from the 1st place ranking the Boston Red Sox holds that.

The Wrong Decision

It should be noted that the Tampa Bay Lightning’s have struggled throughout their last two games, which could mean a dip in the standings is improvements aren’t seen immediately. Sporting analysts believe that Tampa Bay is suffering because two defencemen have been lost following body injuries. Zach Bogosian was selected for his prolonged tenure in the NHL, with Tampa Bay Lightning hoping he can fill the void required to win the Stanley Cup.

Analysts are bashing the head coaches of Tampa Bay for this selection though, with Zach Bogosian suffering from a hip displacement medical condition for twelve years. This condition often forces him to miss official season games, with him missing twenty-two matches throughout his tenure with Buffalo.

When it applies to the 2019-2020 NHL Season, Zach Bogosian has acquired four assists with one goal throughout nineteen official games. Throughout 636 career games, Bogosian has maintained 141 assists and 53 goals. Considering that he was the 2008 NHL Draft 3rd pick, his performances have often been unimpressive.