The Best Basketball Courts Every Fan Must Visit

Basketball is considered one of the most popular and captivating sports in the United States and its courts come in all shapes and sizes. From well-lit arena’s that can host million-dollar superstars in the NBA to asphalt courts that are situated in low-income neighbourhoods. There’s always a basketball court that can be found in your area, regardless of where you are located.
However, some basketball courts genuinely stand out. That’s why we dedicated this article to list the most critical basketball courts that need to be visited if you consider yourself a basketball fanatic.

Venice Beach – Los Angeles

Southern California is famous for its beautiful beaches, palm trees, and sunshine. However, Venice Beach is renowned for its hallowed basketball courts and outdoor muscle building. The film, White Men Can’t Jump, was filmed on these courts. Apart from the iconic Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson movie. The courts in Venice are most famous for random NBA player sightings, including Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard. This also applies for the summer tournament that takes place every year.

Rucker Park – Harlem, New York

Rucker Park is undoubtedly the most famous basketball court on planet earth. The courts are situated off Harlem River Drive and 155th in Upper Manhattan. They were once the most famous court for amateur players to show their skills and talent to get recognised and play professionally. NBA icons, such as Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant have made appearances at Rucker as well.

Madison Square Garden – Manhattan, New York

Whether its theatre, ice hockey, music, or basketball, the barn that is located between 33rd and 31st Streets is renowned for hosting some of the most popular sports entertainment in the world. Although the Rangers have been calling the Garden their home for over 85 years. People can’t deny that the Garden is considered the mecca when it comes to elite basketball competitions. The most memorable basketball game to ever take place here is the 1995 match. This is where Michael Jordan managed to drop 55 points on the home court of the Knicks only days after he ended his dream of playing baseball on a professional level.

United Center – Chicago

The United Center in Chicago is home to two basketball players, including Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls managed to join the NBA during the 1966/67 season and didn’t have much success. However, the moment they drafted Michael Jordan during the early ’80s, everything changed. Michael Jordan managed to bring seven scoring titles to the Chicago United Center. Once Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson were landed, they managed to win 6 NBA titles in 8 seasons during the ’90s. After the Jordan era, Derrick Rose managed to bring back home to Chicago fans. Since he was drafted in early 2008, he is considered the only player in the National Basketball League to be crowned MVP instead of LeBron James.