The Best Formula One Tracks on the World

When you look at all the tracks in Formula One, it’s challenging to determine which tracks are the best. Especially with new tracks being introduced quite regularly in the World of Formula One. However, there are individual tracks that truly stand out from the rest in terms of corners, high-speed turns, length, spectator visibility, overtaking, and overall difficulty to separate the best from the worst. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best Formula One tracks for 2019.

Hockenheim Circuit – Germany

This is undoubtedly one of the best circuits in Formula 1 and always produces an assortment of drama, excitement, and adrenaline-fuelled racing. The course comes equipped with extremely slow turns and high-speed straights. From the start, racers are virtually at full throttle through turn one up to turn four before heading into a hairpin which is ideal for overtaking. It also features a fantastic balance of aerodynamic drag and downforce through most turns to further enrich the track.

Suzuka Circuit, Japan

The track was initially designed in 1963 and received several remodels since. It’s considered a track favourite between racing drivers and is the only circuit where you’ll find a figure-eight-like shape. Suzuka is a high-speed track, making it one of the most challenging tracks to race on in Formula 1. The S-curves and 130R are regarded as the highlights of Suzuka with the 130R being the fastest section on the track.

Silverstone Circuit, England

Silverstone is considered one of the oldest and most popular tracks in Formula 1. The track is renowned for being a complex and competitive track and for the Michael Schumacher incident where he broke his leg in 1999. The track features incredibly fast turns where drivers can reach over 300km/h in the copse section. Drivers will require low aerodynamics and high downforce to perfectly balance out the high-speeds and insane turns on the track.

Circuit de Monaco, Monaco

The Monte Carlo Grand Prix is without a doubt the most glamorous event when it comes to Formula 1 racing. The track features everything from tunnels and chicanes to high-speed straights and unbelievable corners. The track comes equipped with three highly demanding sections, including the Sainte Devote, the tunnel, and the several chicanes located around the track, each providing a challenging quest for drivers to perfect. The circuit is loved by everyone, including driver’s non-driving staff, and spectators.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

This is one of the most anticipated race tracks in the world during a Formula 1 season as its both exciting and scenic. Each driver faces a challenging quest to get through the track with massive topographic changes, demanding a great deal from each driver. The most crucial sections on the track include the first turn followed by the sequence between turn 3 and turn 5. It offers both high-speed action and technical turns to provide some of the best racing on the planet. It’s worth visiting if you consider yourself to be a Formula 1 fanatic.