The Best MLB Stadiums for Baseball Fanatics

Although football is now considered the national pastime in America over baseball, you simply cannot beat a majestic night at the ballpark. Every baseball field is unique in its own way. However, which of the 30 MLB stadiums provide the best baseball experience in terms of on-field products, food, and stadium capacity? It’s for this reason that we decided to rank the best MLB stadiums for baseball fanatics.

AT&T Park

Home to the San Francisco Giants, this retro park comes equipped with the most iconic water feature in the world of baseball. It also features the best food when compared to the outher stadiums thanks to the Cha Cha bowl and the Stinking Rose, both of which are located inside the stadium. The stadium can seat up to 42,000 fans and features a baseball team that has won the World Series a total of three times in the last six years.

Fenway Park

The park claims that they boast with a total of 820 successive sell-outs and the obscured views and tiny seats will sometimes have you looking at the right field wall. However, there’s no other baseball stadium that makes the most out of the confined space quite like Fenway Park. With a capacity of 37,949, each seat gives you the impression that you are on the field. It also comes equipped with a bar underneath center field which you can visit for free.

Dodger Stadium

With a capacity of 56,000, the Dodger Stadium is considered the third-oldest baseball park in America. It’s home to the Los Angeles Dodgers who decided to make a move to this prime location. Another selling point that makes this stadium so appealing to baseball fans is the food variety to its fans. Spectators can enjoy the Dodger Dog or indulge in something delicious at the Canter Deli.

Citizens Bank Park

With a seating capacity of 43,647, the Citizens Bank Park is home to the Philadelphia Phillies. It boasts with an incredible outfield bar that will even be packed on weekdays, serving Philly cheesesteaks and plenty of other delicious treats during game days. The park also impresses with a 53% winning rate at home for the Phillies and comes equipped with massive screens and comfortable seating for added convenience.

Wrigley Field

With a seating capacity of 41,649, the Wrigley Stadium is home to the Chicago Cubs. The retro-vs-classic baseball park debate will always be endless. However, once you spend an afternoon at this baseball stadium, no modern park will be able to replicate what fans of the Cubs have going for them. The stadium features minimal bleachers, ivy-covered walls, and a retro scoreboard for added convenience.

PNC Park

Home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, the PNC Park boasts with a seating capacity of 38,362. It impresses with one of the best skylines in America and comes equipped with some of the best fast-food joints you can imagine. What makes it even more impressive is that it sites on the water, providing some spectacular views during game time.