The Best Sports Bars in Warsaw

Warsaw can efficiently satisfy a wide range of sports enthusiasts when it comes to sports coverage in the city. From horse racing to the national stadium to local football teams to basketball arenas, there’s always a fantastic sporting event to look forward to when it comes to the people of Warsaw. For those interested in finding a decent pub or sports bar to watch a boxing match, the Grand Prix, or a football match, this list will undoubtedly fit the bill.

British Bulldog Pub

Situated in central Warsaw, the British Bulldog Pub broadcasts boxing, World Cup football, European football, and many other sporting events on request. This bar is considered so British that it even comes equipped with three-pin sockets. The bar boasts with an incredible staff that can speak English and live for British football and yet has a London phone box, making it ideal for English people in the Polish capital. The bar also impresses with a wide variety of drinks, including Scottish whiskeys, London Pride, and even Guinness.

Molly Malone’s

A bar featuring large TV’s and screens for significant sporting events, Molly Malone’s tries everything it can to be considered an Irish pub. It’s situated only minutes away from the famous Zygmunt’s Column and the Old Town in Warsaw on the main street. The downstairs bar serves Guinness and Murphy’s, while the upstairs area offers big screens for sporting events along with a dancefloor with live music and DJ’s, depending on the occasion. The menu comes equipped with tons of Irish drinks and food choices and ensures a memorable experience, regardless of when you go.

Champions Sports Bar

This is hands-down the best sports-themed bar you will find in Warsaw. Once you walk through the doors, you will be welcomed by a mock boxing ring area where you can sit, various flags on the ceiling, signed shirts from famous athletes around the world, and a pool table. The bar showcases all the notable football events, ranging from the Polish Ekstraklasa to the English Premier League and beyond. You are welcome to sit at a table or even at the bar. However, please take note that the food at this place is costly to show off how unique this place truly is in Poland. Please also ensure that you reverse a table before you go, especially when Poland is playing in a football game.

Legends British Bar and Restaurant

Located near the legendary Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Legends is considered a typical British restaurant and bar. The property is owned and operated by an Englishman and offers a traditional Victorian style bar that also tries to encapsulate other parts of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales with plenty of different flags. Nearly all Premier League matches are shown on the wide variety of TV’s in the bar, and you can look forward to free WIFI, plenty of beers from around the world, and lots of delicious food options when you get hungry.